The IMF, G20 and BIS Gear Up for the Central Bank Digital Currency Era


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Today on the Brief:

  • Is the “blue wave” Democrat victory narrative in the presidential election starting to shake up Wall Street?
  • Johnson & Johnson pause COVID-19 vaccine trial
  • 1000 Satoshi-era bitcoins are on the move

Our main discussion: The world’s central banks are moving quickly on digital currencies. NLW looks at a slew of recent news showing how much of a priority CBDCs are becoming:

  • A report from the Bank for International Settlements and seven other central banks setting design principles for CBDCs
  • A G20 regulatory standards framework
  • A forthcoming OECD tax reporting framework

One need only look at the increasingly speedy rollout of China’s DCEP to understand why this has become a major priority for central banks everywhere.

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