#10 - Interdisciplinary Relationship


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You guys…we made it to Episode 10! Thank you to our faithful listeners and hello to all the newbies! https://www.broadwayhusbands.com/podcast/2020/2/17/episode-10

Y’all are in for a treat today. We have the cutest and funnest newlyweds on our tenth episode of The Broadway Husbands Podcast. This week, we sit down with Matthew Olshefski, aka The Shirtless Violinist, and his incredibly talented artist hubby Paul Castle. Listen along as we all gab and get to know one another!

Per usual, we do our best with offering some solicited relationship advice! This week, we answer a DM from a listener asking for advice on how to deal with jealousy. We offer our advice, but we want to hear what you’d say! Comment below or shoot us a DM. Be sure to send your relationship questions to us via Instagram DM and we might just answer yours on a future episode!

So grateful for all of you and we can’t wait for you to hear the next 10 episodes and beyond! Sending you all love and a virtual hug from both of us!

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