#18 - Masculine & Feminine


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As you know Stephen and I both have our hands in different pots including Broadway Life Coach, Broadway Life Apparel, Ballet Beautiful, and Ballet Academy East! But, our guests on this weeks podcast are just as creative and involved in an array of things.

Michael Kushner and Remy Germinario spill all the beans including their mutual love of Disney, their astrological signs. Michael is a photographer and the host of the podcast Dear Multi-hyphenate on the Broadway Podcast Network. His partner Remy Germinario is a Stand-up comedian who makes his living as a tour guide

The chemistry of these two is electric, and they offer some amazing point of views on their relationship on our segment SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE. Our listener asked: Do you consider consider yourself masculine or feminine in your relationship? Do traditional gender roles play a part in your relationship?

Make sure you take a listen and follow them on their social media. Let us know in the comments your favorite parts of the episode, and come say HI over on our social media as well.





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