#19 - How to Keep a Marriage Spontaneous


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Hello beautiful listeners! We are back and this week we have an incredible couple joining us on the pod.

Kyle Froman went from being a ballet dancer at New York City Ballet to published photographer. Today, he is married to political analyst, journalist, and author Andrew Kirtzman and the couple are answering some of our relationship questions today and we love what they had to say. Stephen was inspired by their love and marriage all the way back in 2005, so we wanted to get them on an episode of The Broadway Husbands Podcast to share their inspiring story and talk all things marriage.

This week’s “Spotlight on Love” comes to us from Instagram:

“I love seeing so much of my bf and this isn’t a huge issue, but I worry it’s getting less special. I still love the way the relationship is working, but knowing how to keep the spark of how great it is to be together is something I’m working on.

We’ve been together for six months officially, but known each other for a year. I was furloughed until just today, he’s been working from home - so I had lots of free time to hang out. He lives just nine minutes from me, so I stay over each weekend.

It’s so great that I get to see him so much! We have lots of time to wait her watch things together, play video games, make dinner - and it feels so routine, now. I guess I worry that we’ll see so much of each other we’ll grow bored? How do I stop worrying about that, do I need to change my view of it, maybe? Or do something spontaneous every so often, mix things up?”

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Thanks for checking out this week’s episode and we hope it brings a little light to your day!

Love always,

Bret and Stephen

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