#20 - Difficult Conversation with Carlos Brandt


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Hello There! Today’s podcast is for sure a treat, because of the hunk of a man that is our guest

Carlos Brandt is a Spanish born NYC living creator and LGBTQ advocate. His podcast Dear Queer People has helped create a voice for people in our community. In this episode we discuss how he feels people need to support each other more during these days. He offers his own opinion on the Ali Forney Center, and what it’s like to be an influencer.

Go follow Carlos Brandt on Instagram and see his HOT photos.

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This week’s “Spotlight on Love” comes to us from Instagram:

“How do you start difficult conversations when you don’t want to have them but you know you have to.”

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Thanks for checking out this week’s episode and we hope it brings a little light to your day!

Love always,

Bret and Stephen

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