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Anne Steele and Kelli Carpenter are a magical couple who inspire LGBTQ couples with their weekly podcast I LOVE MY WIFE. Kelly is a master at family travel having founded Zel travel and R Family vacations. Anne is a noted vocalist who has traveled the world to sing and is currently doing on line concerts to fundraise for City Harvest.

On this episode we discuss how they first met and Anne coming out as “Lesbi Anne.” Kelli says,

“She was funny and she was smart and all the things that are way more important to me than look she’s beautiful and talented that’s amazing, but smart and funny are way up in the list”

Stephen asks them his favorite question, “Who Said I Love you first?” and the joys of blending a family while going on a family cruise. (it includes a lot of making out in the hallway) .

Check out their feature in the NY TIMES from their wedding.

Anne’s performing life has been an amazing journey from restaurant row’s Don’t Tell Mama to major cruises, she’s made a name for herself, and Kelli has helped her do it.

They’re so loving to each other and to their four kids we ask them for ways to combat racism and homophobia. Their passion for protesting to help by joining the Women’s March and the tax March

This week’s Spotlight on Love question:

How to optimize communication when one partner isn’t as emotionally emotive as the other?

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