#8 - Long Distance


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What’s better than one pair of Broadway Husbands? TWO, duh. This week we are sitting down with newlywed Broadway Husbands, Mark Evans and Justin Mortelliti. Mark is joining us after his incredible run in the world premiere of Mrs. Doubtfire in Seattle, and Justin is back in the blisteringly cold Northeast after having just returned from the West Coast production of Pride and Prejudice. We talk all things marriage, family, relationship building and more! It was so fun getting to talk with these powerhouse talents and we know you’ll enjoy what they had to say and probably take away a few nuggets of wisdom yourself!

Out Spotlight on Love question this week involves a scenario members of the LGBTQ community know all too well. The anonymous question was sent in via Instagram: I came out as bi to my parents to soften the blow of a gay son (I’m not bi) and I really want to experiment with more fem things, I wanna wear makeup and shave my legs but my parents will be totally disappointed in me - should I discuss it with them or just say screw and it and do it behind their back? Check out what we have to say and offer your advice in the comments below or DM us so we can pass along the message!

So grateful to get to connect with you all for yet another week. With everything going on in the world today, we know how lucky we are to have this safe space to create and communicate with some of the coolest people all over the world. Thanks for being loyal listeners, and for those just joining the pod, welcome to our family!

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