390: Global Community India! (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 15)


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This week we are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Doctor B. R. Ambedkar, one of the great Buddhist leaders of modern times and the radical father of the Indian Constitution. Today's episode of the Toolkit Daily focusses on what it means to be a global community and explores Dr. Ambedkar's vision of common humanity based around the evolution of just societies.
Our guests, Arun Bodh and Dayamudra, are from Jai Bhim International and Lokuttara Leadership Academy, two charities based between Kerala, India and San Francisco, USA. Their wonderful collaboration brings Dr. Ambedkar's vision to bear on educating girls and boys in English, and in Buddhist principles that serve social justice. Their students from the Dalit community (still regarded as "Untouchable" by the caste system in India) are enabled to become leaders in their own communities, breaking the cycle of institutional prejudice in their own lives and in those of many others.
A moving testament to how, even in the midst of crisis, worlds can be changed through consistent, simple generous acts, one person at a time.
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