BUNKER DAILY: Horrible Historian GREG JENNER on crisis, Corona and celebrity


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He advises on the BBC’s Horrible Histories and now he’s podcasting to keep kids from going stir-crazy on lockdown. Historian GREG JENNER tells Ian Dunt what the Plague in 17th Century Florence can tell us about public emergencies, why past crises are no guide to what could happen in this one, and his new book Dead Famous: An Unexpected History Of Celebrity From Bronze Age To Silver Screen. It seems political celebrity is 300 years old, and one Dr Henry Sacheverell was the incendiary Nigel Farage of 1709…

“I’ve seen people on Twitter asking ‘Is this how socialism arrives?’ Are these the test conditions for things like Universal Basic Income? This is not a normal crash.”

“As a historian I’m fascinated, but as a person I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

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