Coronanomics and Intensive Keir


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As the Corona Age sets in, will it change our politics and economy more fundamentally than your average here-today-gone-tomorrow World Existential Crisis? What does the outpouring of national gratitude towards the NHS mean for its future? And will the Government’s fumbling of the EU ventilator bulk-buy develop into a full-blown scandal? Plus special guest Darren Jones, MP for Bristol North West, joins us to explain what the Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will look like.

“We’ve seen a lot of self-defeating austerity in recent years, where things that were supposed to save money ended up costing vast amounts more elsewhere. That’s what we need to stop.” – Helen Lewis

“Everyone’s talking about the Second World War, but we’re not trying to mobilise people. We’re trying to demobilise them.” – Arthur Snell

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