Episode 31: it's a Federal offense to sign up for the DCI with a fake name


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Jeff finally does another intro song, even though his housekeeping business is reopened #hustle. McBain exiles 5 cards from his graveyard and pays UUGG to come back. Quinn tries to resist the guys’ peer pressure to buy into Storm online. 2:14 intro/housekeeping 17:49 July 13th Banned/Restricted announcement 38:12 Using MTGO test bans/unbans 46:00 Quinn, buy into MTGO (plus rental services and MTGO in general) 1:08:56 That’s Gas! Links: Pokemoki: https://twitter.com/realpokemoki?lang=en PVDH: https://twitter.com/PVDH_magic Magic TV: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL04lbfeNAaS-W90JateBLmdQuzi1Yl2IR Hit us up on Twitter: twitter.com/canadianthresh

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