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***Tomorrow's News, TONIGHT!*** Enjoy our Monday Podcast of "The Captain's AMERICA - Third Watch" hosted by Retired Captain Matt Bruce. This Radio Show Is all about America plus those who Defend, Protect & Serve her keeping all of us FREE & SAFE... America is in trouble, beset by Progressive Left Liberal Socialists who are trying to 'fundamentally change' & destroy our great Country! We tell you how to use tactics against the Progressive Left Liberal Socialist Democrats that can really help America!. We will NOT let them take over our Country & are explaining what we can do to defend America against these Democrat Socialists... "The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" is celebrating 20 years on the Radio where it's ALL about America & WE the PEOPLE. Listen to 'The Captain' LIVE Monday January 20th from 2-6 AM ET as we broadcast from Tampa, FL in the #MausNissan Studio of our Salem Media Group Flagship Radio Stations #AM860theanswer & #AM930TheAnswer in the #18 Radio Market of Tampa-Clearwater-St Petersburg, FL, USA... Our Guests Tonight Are: Kyle Warren - The Professor of Politics, Denise Simon - Founders Code Intel Analyst, Chris Markowski - The Watchdog on Wall Street, Frank Salvato - Underground USA plus Patrick Highland - The Insurance Quarterback on Sports... We proudly honor & support America's Active Duty Military, Veterans, EMT's, Firefighters, Police, 911 Dispatchers & ALL First Responders! We've got your 6 on this Radio Show. We also remember all those working on the Third Watch keeping America rolling along... You'll also hear our Military & Veterans News segments along with our Truckers 'National Highway & Weather Report' hourly. We're happy to take your phone calls on the air LIVE at 1-877-969-8600... Our Radio Show is Nationally Syndicated by the Genesis Communications Radio Network via the Westwood One XDS Satellite. We are also heard on several Salem Media Group Affiliates, leading Independent Stations across America, around the World via numerous Digital Internet Streams & on our Caribbean Radio Affiliate AM 1000 WVWI, serving San Juan, Puerto Rico plus Saint Thomas-Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands & Western Bahamas... Note: Ms Rosemary has been recuperating from a 'Mild Stroke' she suffered just before Christmas. She's doing much better now & is now home. She said she's "looking forward to 2020 & coming back on The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch Radio Show." #America #Americans #Border #Congress #Conservative #Constitutional #Democrats #Deplorables #DonaldTrump #Economy #Florida #GOP #Guns #HomelandSecurity #Immigration #Impeachment #Iran #Iraq #Israel #Libertarian #Military #News #Opinion #Politics #Republican #Talk #Terrorism #TheSwamp #War

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