Taylor Marshall's Errors on Vatican II: Chris Plance and Richard DeClue Respond


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Something a little different: this is the audio from a video on the DeClue's Views YouTube channel, which I am republishing here because I want to give these men a wider audience.



In a recent video,Taylor Marshall presented what he considers to be errors in the documents of the Second Vatican Council. This video by Richard DeClue and Chris Plance serves as a rebuttal. It starts by highlighting general problems with Marshall's approach and the spiritual dangers it entails. It then goes through each of Marshall's "errors," offering corrective interpretations in light of the documents themselves and other magisterial texts.

Time Stamps to Parts of this Video:

0:00:04 Opening Prayer

0:00:55 Introduction to Chris Plance

0:02:28 Introduction to Richard DeClue

0:03:19 Brief Description of Taylor Marshall's Video

0:03:54 Chris Plance on Why We Need to Respond to TM's Video

0:10:55 Richard DeClue on Why We Need to Respond to TM's Video

0:13:43 Taylor's Opening Remarks about Dialogue with Traditionalists

0:15:13 Richard and Chris on the Traditional Latin Mass and Traditional Catholicism

0:18:18 The Need to Avoid Strawmen and the Importance of Accurately Presenting Material

0:23:30 The Charge that the Council was "So Long Ago" and "We're Still Debating It"

0:28:19 The Issue of Whether the Council is Binding If It Didn't Proclaim New Dogmas/Anathemas

0:41:30 The Church Before and After Vatican II is the Same Church

0:42:40 The Infamous Schillebeecx Quote and the Need to Avoid a "Soap Opera Approach"

0:50:06 Lumen Gentium #8: Subsistit In (Subsists In)

1:00:29 Lumen Gentium #14 On the Catholic Church as Necessary for Salvation

1:02:19 Additional Point about Subsists In (Lumen Gentium #8)

1:03:59 Lumen Gentium #16: Do Muslims Worship God?

1:21:23 Lumen Gentium #16-17: A Preparation for the Gospel and Deceit By the Evil One

1:27:50 Nostra Aetate: Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions

1:46:30 Dignitatis Humanae: Declaration on Religious Freedom

1:56:25 Unitatis Redintegratio: Decree on Ecumenism vs False Ecumenism

2:00:30 Sacrosanctum Concilium: Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

2:03:57 Closing Remarks

2:17:23 Closing Prayer

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For Massimo Introvigne's Article on Ratzinger and Religious Freedom: https://www.cesnur.org/2011/dan-mi.html

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