CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas – EP054 – How to fight back against Fascism


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The political left/right divide and division needs to come to an end. When Fascism came from the right after the terrorist 911 event, I spoke up loudly against the authoritarian fascist like policies which resulted. Today, authoritarianism and fascism resulting from COVID is completely untenable and is clearly coming from the left. The reasonable and rational left and right must unite to overcome this tyranny.

A recent study in the Journal of Cancer Discovery has found that inhalation of harmful microbes shown to be generated in long term usage of masks, contribute to advanced stage lung cancer. Such changes to the lung microbiome could be used as a biomarker to predict prognosis or to stratify patients for treatment. They concluded that long term use of face masks help breed these dangerous pathogens.

Peel Region in Ontario Canada, Politicians, Teachers Unions and corrupt scientists are rationalizing flagrant child abuse and are forcing children – under threat from the state – to be isolated in their rooms, with no human contact, for 14 days. Violent criminals in prison have rights protecting them from such atrocities, but, our children do not. We must pull our children out of public schools.

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