CNN in Crisis—Goodbye Fredo. Hello Jake Tapper.


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Charlie plays the tape back on Jake Tapper's pretty epic rant targeting Hollywood, the NBA, and Nike over lust for Chinese money: "There is no amount of money that can buy enough soap to wash that blood off their hands." Well done, Jake, but is this sudden awakening sincere? Or is a brazen attempt to make a play for the 9pm ET slot recently opened up after CNN canned Chris "Fredo" Cuomo following sexual assault allegations and revelations of how deep his involvement really was during brother Andrew Cuomo's own sexual assault crisis that ended with him resigning from office? Meanwhile crime is getting so bad across the nation's biggest cities that local media outlets are beginning to produce "how to guides" on how to avoid getting car jacked. Finally, Charlie analyzes the Michigan high school shooting including the indictment of the shooter's parents in some bizarre twists and turns emerge in that tragic story.

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