Call of Cthulhu Halloween Special: Fear and Loathing in Vermillion County Part 2


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We conclude our game of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition as a trio of mild mannered midwesterners find themselves at the heart of a deadly mystery. After being rammed off the road by an old truck and sprayed with an unknown gas, they discovered the corpse of a local officer. His body and car were found covered in a rust like substance. Once they arrive at an ignoble local farm, more mechanical madness ensues. A hulking, metallic thresher beast is now assailing them. They’ve called for backup, but can they last until it arrives, or is hope the cruelest delusion of all?
Andrew Beahm - GM
Mike Marazzi - Mayor Terry Poplar
Kellie Adkins - JoJo Palmer
Amanda Rife- Doris Hancock
Theme by Mike Marazzi.
Additional music courtesy of Nicolas Gasparini (Myuu)

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IG: @charmstonegames
See you at the table!

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