Deadlands: Part 3 (Paradiso)


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After winning a gunfight with animal-headed bandits, a huckster, an outlander, and a deputy walk into a bar. But it’s no joke, as it seems to be the extradimensional hang out of avatars of the seven deadly sins. They discover they must best each of the manifestations one by one. After numerous shenanigans, it all comes down to a high stakes boxing match between Desire Peabody and Sloth. A win likely means they’ll advance to the third act of this otherworldly play. A loss and they may be stuck here forever. Keep your hands up and come out swinging for the conclusion of Deadlands.
Andrew Beahm - GM
Mike Marazzi - Deputy Milt Wally
Erin O'Sullivan - Desire Peabody
Luke Neu - Chauncy Southflannigan
Theme by Mike Marazzi.

Twitter: @charmstonegames
IG: @charmstonegames
See you at the table!

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