Ghostbusters: Horror Business Part 2


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A chill down your spine, your blood runs cold as this Ghostbusters franchise takes on the darkest depths of the paranormal. After getting a tip from the feds about a mysterious disappearance, our 'Busters find themselves in a house infested with spirits, bad vibes, and occult artifacts. Can they solve the case and claim their reward, or will the ghosts and goblins drive them off forever?!
Andrew Beahm - GM
Mike Marazzi - "Big" Tony Irony
Dan Spencer - Sneaky Evelyn
Tracy Wheatley - Sally McNally
Theme by Mike Marazzi. Additional background music (Battle of Pogs) by Komiku.
Twitter: @charmstonegames
IG: @charmstonegames
See you at the table!

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