The Lost World: Poached Part 2


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The care of Isla Matanceros, Jurassic Park’s new state of the art dinosaur husbandry facility, has been entrusted to dino keepers Jane Gibson and Dr Roosevelt Corwyn along with groundskeeper Bobby Boudoir. But this is no island getaway. While the rest of the staff is offsite for a training seminar, poachers are wreaking havoc- with an eye towards a deadly prize. Can our heroes foil this evil plot, or will these cruel raiders get what they came for? We’re about to find out!
Andrew Beahm- GM
Mike Marazzi- Bobby Boudoir
Kellie Adkins- Dr. Roosevelt Corwin
Jenny Ghents- Jane Gibson
Theme by Mike Marazzi.
Twitter: @charmstonegames
IG: @charmstonegames
See you at the table!

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