Episode 151 - Sean "Buck" Rogers


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Sean is a former Green Beret, former Police Officer, and now runs the YouTube channel, “FNG Academy.” Sean recently released his new book, "Rising Above."

On this episode, Sean discusses his difficult childhood, getting in trouble as a kid, seeking out mentors, joining the military to get away, becoming a Green Beret (special forces training), why you shouldn't play the victim card, the importance of taking ownership of your circumstances, using negative circumstances/experiences as a motivator, how the news/media tries to divide people, leaving the military, the process of goal setting, imposter syndrome, creating a YouTube channel, and writing his book “Rising Above.”

Follow Sean on Instagram @seanbuckrogers and check out his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3rz2NOIXEpp5NZPG0VJSQ

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