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You probably already know what this is about because it’s all over social media and mainstream media, but I want you to hear about it from an investor’s point of view too. If you don’t want to be broke and you want to build real wealth, this episode is for you. In this episode, I’m telling you what kind of investing broke people are talking about, why you should avoid them, and how you can change your mindset so you can become successful! Key Talking Points of the Episode [02:07] The urgent need for change [03:04] Who are these broke people? [04:12] Appraisal fraud after the last recession [06:07] Why you shouldn’t give into the hype [07:20] The crypto bubble [08:42] The stock market [09:28] The gambler’s mentality [11:20] Why you should be careful with crypto [12:59] Learning from those who have experience [14:16] A warning to gamblers [15:45] Never look back [16:37] Investors don’t gamble [16:54] Advice from a successful investor [17:20] Boring is sexy [18:00] The choice is yours Quotables “Every single week or month that goes by, opportunities are just going by.” “There are plenty of opportunities out there, but the one thing that you can never get back is time.” “Time is what you need right now to get some value in your life because you don’t know how long you’re gonna be on this planet.” “Those shiny objects can throw people off if you’re not disciplined.” “Stay in your lane and invest in what you know.” “Focus on what works. Go for the stable, predictable stuff.” “There are great investments out there with lower risk than stocks and crypto.”

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