Dom’s Chili Chocolate Prank, Robbie Williams & Pippa’s Sausage Necklace! #262


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Well, well, well. This week on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X we pulled over an absolute corker of a prank. Dominic Byrne became the latest target to fall victim to the ‘Instant Regret’ Chili Chocolate...and our plan worked like a dream. Poor Dom was hoodwinked into thinking we’d been sent in some Christmas flavoured chocolates but as you’ll hear, they were far from it! We were also joined by a fantastic range of guests too - starting the week with Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones who told us all about the new documentary ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ and the time he went on Dom’s shoulders at a gig. Next up was Tom from Blossoms who came on FaceTime to tell us all about their new Christmas single - nice and festive! Boy George dropped by on Thursday to chat to us about an ACTUAL live gig that he's doing with Culture Club this month. Finally, the legend that is Robbie Williams joined us to talk about his Christmas album and how he’s been getting into the festive spirit with his family. It was Pippa’s birthday on Monday (happy birthday Pippa!) so the team got her an extra special birthday message from someone and her very own sausage necklace. You’re welcome, Pip. Plus, Matt Parkes-Smith decided to take on the Instant Regret chili chocolate to show Dom how it’s done - all on this week’s podcast! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Tony Blackburn’s Heron-Watch Chris Tarrant’s Party Trick Matt’s Trip for the Gravy Burger Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am

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