Presenting the Transcription Feature: BIG TOWN & THE SEALTEST VILLAGE STORE


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We start off with the first episode of “Big Town.” Edward G. Robinson creates the role of Steve Wilson, the crusading, yet sometimes muckraking, editor of a big city newspaper. There’s dark humor, drama, and plenty of melodrama. Then Joan Davis, who would eventually star in the early television classic comedy “I Married Joan,” begins her career in radio. She plays the proprietress of a small village store in “The Sealtest Village Store.” She’s prone to all the difficulties an unmarried woman in radio comedy had to face, but there’s some great laughs and songs.


Big Town

October 19, 1937

“Steve Wilson Is Shot”


The Sealtest Village Store

June 7, 1945

“Sell Bonds, Win a Screen Test”


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