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We start off this week with some clever science fiction in the form of “X Minus One.” In this episode, some hapless humans find themselves at the mercy of an alien lifeboat bent on saving their lives no matter what. It’s an adaptation of Robert Sheckley’s “The Lifeboat Mutiny.” Then, on “The Jack Benny Show,” Jack obsesses about the $4.75 he lost on a horse race, and the event manifests itself in the form of a hilariously strange dream. Also, the gang sings a parody of that ballad of a fighting Irishman, “Clancy Lowered the Boom.”


X Minus One

September 11, 1956

“The Lifeboat Mutiny”


The Jack Benny Show

May 2, 1954

“Jack Loses $4.75 at the Race Track”


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