Percy Jackson and the Sea of Isolation with Harry


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Hello and welcome back to The Community Library! This week, my dear friend and regular guest on the podcast Harry and I discuss Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. This is the second book in the Percy Jackson series – you can listen to our discussion of the first book here, and our episode on the first movie adaptation here. In this delightfully chatty and chaotic episode, Harry and I discuss Percy’s hero complex, why Hermes is #notlikeotherGods, and the correct collective noun for a group of cyclopes. Is it “flock”? Is it “tribe”? Is it “congregation”? Listen to find out! Please follow Harry on Instagram – @harrry.l – he only does the podcast for the clout. Tune in next week for our discussion on the film adaptation! Visit my blog here for a link to the transcription of this episode when it becomes available. My Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and Goodreads The Community Library’s Instagram and Goodreads Cover artwork is by Ashley Ronning Ashley’s Instagram, website, and printing studio website

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