Working on Film Adaptations of Books


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Hello and welcome to season 2 of The Community Library! I can’t wait to get back into podcasting and share this season with you. This month’s theme is Book to Film Adaptations – something that has been highly requested by you guys! I’ve been lucky enough to act in three film adaptations of books, and so this week I’m talking about those experiences. I talk about Jasper Jones, Every Day, and Ladies in Black, and also answer some of your questions about book to film adaptations.

Be sure to visit my blog here for a full transcription of the episode, and more information on the books and movies I mentioned!

This month we have two discussion picks: a book and a film! We’ll be reading and discussing Emma by Jane Austen, and its 1995 film adaptation Clueless. The discussion episode will be released on the 24th of November, so you have some time!

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