Episode 19: Using Coronavirus as a Life Skill


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It's important as Compassionate Educators to lean into the most fundamental aspects of compassion. Therefore, we are going to talk about Coronavirus today but in a way that you can use this experience as a life skill when working with students, or even with your own children.
In this episode I discuss how to speak to students about health in a proactive and empowering manner. Since recording this episode, there are more and more schools temporarily closing the doors to their physical buildings, but this information is relevant during virtual connections, upon returning to school, and even with your own families.
Rather than promoting fear propaganda, let's rise to the level that our children need. They need us to equip them with useful information and be a guard between them and the anxiety and fear-driven media.
With that said, please have compassion for those who are currently living in fear or who are ill whether from this virus or another illness. We never know what another person is going through or has gone through, so no judgement needed. Let's be the light that shines hope and compassion in all situations.
Note: Arianna Hufington's article is cited here
Let's change lives together.

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