Episode 33: Mindfulness in School, Online and at Home with Andrew Jordan Nance


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How can we improve our children's ability to focus, develop empathy, and increase self-understanding & emotional intelligence... without spending a dime? Join Andrew Jordan Nance, the founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco and author of four Mindfulness books, including the popular Puppy Mind, and I as we take a conversational journey to uncover the richness a mindfulness practice can bring for yourself and your students.
Andrew give simple yet powerful tips for teaching children how to reconnect with their inner voice, explains why there are no "bad" emotions, and what we might be missing in our own lives that we can put into practice immediately so that we can model best practices of mindfulness for our students and children... even if you're teaching virtually.

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Andrew's LinkedIn profile , Facebook page, official website and Mindful Arts San Francisco.
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