Building a membership community with Founder and CEO Amira Valliani


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This week's guest is Amira Valliani, founder and CEO of, a membership platform catering specifically to podcasters. Here's how it works:

A Branded Page for Your Podcast

Your Glow page is a custom marketing webpage which you can design to match your brand.Place your Glow Page URL in your Episode Notes, on your website, in social media, or wherever else you'd like. Then drive listeners to your Glow Page with calls to action.

Listeners can sign up for recurring subscriptions or send one-time payments through your Glow Page without leaving their favorite podcast streaming apps.Payments are quick and easy with Apple Pay and Google Pay, or directly through Stripe.

I met Amira after hearing her present at the conference about building a membership and I desperately asked if she would be on my show. We talked once between the conference and this recording, and I am so fascinated by what she's been able to accomplish, and how she's able to help so many podcasters.

Because of her experience working behind the scenes with podcasters in their membership communities, she knows A LOT about memberships, and this is something we're all trying to do right? Build a community of people who'll pay you every month to make things?

Well, Amira has lots of hard data and experience, and she came on the show to talk all about it.

Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • How to turn your fans into buyers
  • How to build a vibrant community
  • Why building a membership community is like compounding interest
  • When to start building a membership community

And much, much more.

Find Amira at or Twitter @amiravalliani.

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