213: How to Feel In Control Around All Foods


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Grab Diet Culture Drop Out for 20% off by going here. Use the code: theconfidenceproject at check out. This is where you're going to get stuck- so this is what you need to start with. Up until this point, we've laid the ground work for Intuitive Eating (start at episode 209 and work your way through from there!) & now we're getting into the nitty gritty of it all. And this step will make or break you. I can guarantee that all of the ways you've tried to "control" yourself around food have NOT been done in this way, and that's exactly why you still feel like you can't have certain foods in your house. Here's how you know you have food freedom: you can keep any food, in any amounts in your home at all times and not think twice about them. The candy can be out in plain sight, the chips can be on the countertops, and you can take it or leave it without any second thought, zero binge episodes, zero guilt, zero shame. Imagine a world in which you can just eat and enjoy it and... move on? Yeah. That's what eating is supposed to be like. Imagine not having to barter with yourself each time you eat something you enjoy. Not having to track it, weigh it, calculate something, or have some sort of come to Jesus talk with yourself about how you'll "handle it tomorrow" by "getting back on track." That's what food freedom is.

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