Meera Clark (Obvious Ventures) - How COVID led to a Crossroads in Healthy Habits, Milestones at Series A, and How She Thinks About Sustainability and Consumer Centric


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Thank you Sumeet Shah for the introduction to today's guest, Meera Clark, Senior Associate at Obvious Ventures. Obvious Ventures invests in startups that combine profit and purpose for a better world. Some of their investments include Beyond Meat, Carezone, Goodeggs and Medium.

I highly recommend following Meera on twitter @itsmeeraclark. You can also follow your host, Mike, on Twitter @mikegelb. You can also follow for episode announcements @consumervc.

A book that inspired Meera is Setting The Table by Danny Meyer.

Here are a few questions that I asked Meera -

  1. Tell me a bit about your journey. What attracted you to finance, consumer and early stage companies?
  2. Obvious Ventures is a B-Corp. Tell me about your investment criteria?
  3. Walk us through your due diligence process?
  4. What are some qualities in a founder that you pay attention to the most?
  5. One of the areas that you are focused on is healthy living. What’s your thesis around both physical and mental health?
  6. Something we also spoke about before is the future of social and how we’re at the end of the hype cycle. How do you see folks interacting online changing?
  7. The amount of social interaction online has dramatically accelerated due to COVID, do you think that this will continue post-COVID?
  8. How are you thinking about the future of the influencer?
  9. There’s now so many brands out there that are trying to appeal to Gen Z and really have to be authentic in order to do so. Lots of buzz words that get thrown around are “sustainability” and “customer centric”. What do those words mean to you?
  10. “The Gratification Migration” discusses the changes in consumer behavior during COVID and how we’re at a crossroads of healthy habits. What do you mean by that?
  11. What are some other consumer trends that you are excited about?
  12. What is one thing that you would change when it came to venture capital?
  13. What’s one piece of advice for founders?

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