Yury Lifshits (Openland) - How to Build a Community, The Hard Pivot, and Minimizing Friction


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Our guest today is Yury Lifshits, founder and CEO of Openland. a modern social platform for communities. Yury is a serial entrepreunor, founding Zonaspace, Blended Labs and Entangled Solutions. On this episode we talk about Openland, how he thinks about the future of online social, how he thought about friction when downloading a new app, and pivots.

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Some of the questions I ask Yury -

  1. What attracted you to software and then entrepreneurship? Are we in the age of community? Has audience been replaced by community? What doesn’t work when it comes to community building? What is the competitive landscape when it comes to online communication?
  2. How he tackles friction when launching a new app? What’s one thing that you would change when it comes to venture capital? What’s one piece of advice for founder

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