The C.O.W.S. Neutralizing Workplace 09/18/20


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The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly forum on Neutralizing Workplace Racism. Autumn 2020 is almost here, although there aren't many reasons to think foliage and cooler temps will make 2020 any better. We're in the middle of a U.S. presidential election, and this topic is bound to disrupt a calm work environment. We'll make sure our code is polished for avoiding/managing political conversations in the workplace. We'll continue to solicit advice for keeping safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. A recent report suggested that White employers have a tremendous amount of discretion with regards to informing workers about positive Covid-19 tests and compensation for employees who've been exposed to the virus. It seems that a number of companies are being deliberately vague about these policies. It may be logical to ask as many questions as possible - via email. And regularly check to see if the policy and procedure manual has been updated. #BlackSelfRespect INVEST in The COWS – Cash App:$TheCOWS CALL IN NUMBER: 605.313.5164 CODE 564943#

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