9. How to Sell Your Worth and Not Your Soul with Jen Gitomer


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Episode #9

How To Sell Your Worth and Not Your Soul with Jen Gitomer

In this episode you’ll learn:

What sales actually is: It’s not a manipulation; it’s a helping.

How not to take no personally when you’re selling yourself and strengthen your belief in who you are

What the #1 most important part of selling is

Jen Gitomer is the Author of the best-selling book Sales in a New York Minute. She helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue and profit through her proven sales strategies. After leaving corporate America to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream, Jen discovered that the key to time and financial freedom for her and her husband would be to get him off the road giving speeches and online selling courses.

She tested different strategies to launch her husband’s courses and then created a proven launch strategy, The Exponential Launch Formula, that has led to multiple 6-figure launches. She is now obsessed with helping entrepreneurs launch their courses, make massive impact and create time and financial freedom.

Contact Jen:

IG and FB @jengitomer

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IG and FB @thenickdemos

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