Episode 151 - Tony Plocido (The Curiosity Hour Podcast by Tommy Estlund and Dan Sterenchuk)


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Episode 151 - Tony Plocido. Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, Tony Plocido. Tony Plocido started writing poetry in high school. However, he didn't get serious about until about 2009 when he got invited to "The Poetry Filibuster" in Kansas City, MO. This was 5 day, 18 hour long reading. The poets he met there encouraged him to move to Kansas City, MO. This turned his hobby into a passion. He has since published two books. The first, Sucker Punch Wisdom, was published by Write the Future. This was done with two other K.C. poets (Jeremy O'Neal & William Peck). His second book, Aging and Other Side Projects, was released in December 2016. Aging and Other Side Projects is a (mostly) solo book. His third book, Felt This so Many Times, was released in September 2018 from Spartan Press KC. In February 2019, he became a Cracked Walnut Board Member. Tony now lives back in the Twin Cities and tries to perform whenever possible. He also facilitates a workshop to help poets become better performers of poetry. He is also your current curator / host of Poets & Pints. Website: www.mentalvalley.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mentalvalley/ Note: Guests create their own bio description for each episode. The Curiosity Hour Podcast is hosted and produced by Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund. Please visit our website for more information: thecuriosityhourpodcast.com The Curiosity Hour Podcast is listener supported! To donate, click here: thecuriosityhourpodcast.com/donate/ Please visit this page for information where you can listen to our podcast: thecuriosityhourpodcast.com/listen/ Disclaimers: The Curiosity Hour Podcast may contain content not suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion advised. The views and opinions expressed by the guests on this podcast are solely those of the guest(s). These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of The Curiosity Hour Podcast. This podcast may contain explicit language.

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