Valley Slander Continues, AM(azon)C Theaters? 8.10.20


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In episode 690, Jack and Miles are joined by Stuff Mom Never Told You's Samantha McVey to discuss a judge killing the Paramount Consent Decrees, the DNC choosing the Clintons over AOC, the Trump Administration trying to rush the Covid-19 vaccine, Malibu Rescue, Jurassic Park, and more!


  1. Federal Judge Gives Greenlight To Termination Of Paramount Consent Decrees
  2. Biden campaign reportedly making 'ruthless cuts' to convention speaking list
  3. Experts Fear Trump Admin Will Rush To Promote Vaccine That’s Not Yet Ready
  4. Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind (MXTT HXLL & Nick Bike 'Jamaica Dub' Remix)

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