The Zodiac & The Supernatural and North Carolina Spooky Spots


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Join the Episode after party on Discord! Link: Libra, Leo, Gemini: 5 Zodiac signs who are attracted to supernatural and paranormal things Link: According to astrology, there are five zodiac signs who are attracted to and believe in supernatural things. They are highly drawn to black magic and ghosts and always have a keen desire to know more about them. They believe in an alternate reality, paranormal stuff as well. They like to listen to spooky stories from their friends during a cosy bonfire night. They don’t feel scared of ghosts and other paranormal stuff and like to talk about them. Aquarius These people always want to do new and different things and talk about them with their closed ones. They like to listen to spooky stories from their friends during a cosy bonfire night. They don’t feel scared of ghosts and other paranormal stuff and like to talk about them. Gemini Geminis always have great stories to share and this includes supernatural. They don’t believe in these things, but like to share different stories and gather more knowledge. Their nature of wanting to know different things forces them to do so. Pisces Pisceans are drawn to paranormal activity. They are the day-dreamers who believe in these things like ghosts, spirits, etc. They like to explore more about these things and share their interesting stories with others. Leo Leos are more drawn to black magic and paranormal things. They like to know more about black magic and its powers. They believe in these things to a certain extent. Libra Librans are elegant and sophisticated people who like beautiful things. So, they are more drawn to supernatural things, especially fairies and magic. If you are not one of these Zodiac signs you are just a dud! THE DEVIL’S TRAMPING GROUND Link: The Devil’s Tramping Ground is a mostly-baron spot of land in North Carolina that reminds me heavily of a druid circle. It’s a circular area within the forest where no large trees will grow in. Found in Bear Creek, North Carolina, it’s the perfect location to stop in if you’re heading down from Virginia into North Carolina, as it’s close to the top of the state. This area has been the target of local legend and lore since the late 1800s. And, while we found some scarce vegetation growing there, it was true that no large trees were flourishing within this circle. Supposedly, this is the spot where the devil, himself can rise from the depths of hell to wreak havoc on the world. Glowing red eyes have been spotted there, and supposedly no animals will cross through that area, as they sense the evil. While I was there, we felt a lot of movement (most likely from critters) circling around us in the tree-line. The IR lights on both of our cameras shut off and turned back on at the same time at random, and we got a few interesting responses on a spirit box. It’s definitely a place to visit (and even camp at) if you’re up for a spooky night. It’s also a great way to indulge your paranormal itch while also getting reconnected with nature, as it is a very natural and elemental spot. All in all, it’s worth a drive by if you’re passing through the area. Know Before You Go The Devil's Tramping Ground is approximately 50 miles south of Greensboro, NC. From NC 421 South turn Right onto State Route 902 Follow For about 7 MilesTurn Left on Devil's Tromping Grounds Rd. The Road is markeked by a official DOT "green sign" that now points toward the site.Follow for 1.7 milesYou should see a gravel pull off on the left. The Devil's Tramping Ground is about 150 feet down the dirt path. The Tale Link: The Devil's Tramping Ground is a mysterious, perfectly round and absolutely barren circle about forty feet in diameter in the pine woods of Chatham County. Not a tree, not a flower, no lowly weed, not even a single blade of grass will grow in the limits of the circle. Seed sowed there refuses to sprout. Any vegetation transplanted there will wither and die. And, what's even more strange, any object left in the circle before dusk will have been violently moved outside its bounds by dawn. Dogs tuck their tails between their legs and whimper when brought near. The frightened animals will dig their heels into the sand, refusing to be brought into the circle. Men have tried to spend the night in the circle, but not one has succeeded and remained sane. Something they see on their vigils drives them out of their wits, never to recover. For The Devil's Tramping Ground has earned it's name. It's said that there is where The Devil himself walks at night.

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