The David Knight Show - 2020- May 29, Friday - Executive Order On Social Media Censorship – What Was Proposed, Will It Work?


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— 00:04:26 Day 74 of America Held Hostage, Great Depression era unemployment & GOP Senators push bringing in MORE FOREIGN WORKERS, Walmart selling USED clothing
— 00:14:00 Trump’s Exec Order on free speech & social media — will it work, will it withstand legal challenges?
— 00:31:04 Trump isn’t using his GREATEST power to fix social media
— 00:36:33 What’s in Trump’s Exec Order? Will it withstand legal challenges?
— 01:08:49 The Achilles Heel of Trump’s Executive Order
— 01:13:16 Eric Peters,, how COVID lockdowns are like the 55mph national speed limit and the Gesundheitfuhrers — “Health Nazis”
— 01:33:15 Who will China attack first? It’s making aggressive moves against India, Taiwan, Hong Kong & in the South China Sea
— 01:37:40 Minneapolis Mayor is stoking the fires of a Race War
— 01:47:04 Richard Reeves on how to take back your freedom by getting control of GOP at the local level
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