The David Knight Show - 2020- September 15, Tuesday - Plandemic Film Team Exclusive Interview!


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— 00:04:30 I witnessed a rebellion against media & govt lies by people ignoring mandates
— 00:13:45 Bikers and Bible-believers called “super spreaders” by panicked press & politicians
— 00:31:25 Biden feebly accuses Trump of “climate arson”. Here’s who is REALLY lighting the fires
— 00:46:36 David Martin, PhD joins to discuss the criminal violations of Fauci — and the money trail & patents that lead to the usual suspects
— 00:55:59 Money laundering, bio-terrorism and the UNC / China / Fauci nexus
— 01:04:30 Dark Winter, anthrax stockpile & scare laid foundation for COVID lockdown 20 years ago
— 01:28:50 Mikki Willis, PLANDEMIC INDOCTRINATION joins to discuss his documentary, the evidence of corruption, the fight against censorship and the HOPE for the future

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