The David Knight Show - 2020- September 16, Wednesday - COVID Tyranny Continues Around The World!


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— 00:16:56 When it comes to lockdowns, masks & vaccines, all 2020 political candidates for President offer a mix of demagoguery, democracy and fake pragmatism including Libertarian candidate Jorgenson. But one judge in Pennsylvania CLEARLY articulated the issue in a slap down of the Governor’s unconstitutional lockdown.
— 00:42:01 SAM ADAMS AWARD: Iowa bar owner resists COVID mandates to the point of arrest.
— 00:56:01 “Cuties”, Netflix pedofilm soars to #4 as Gov Newsom relaxes penalties on child rape
— 01:04:32 Netflix has given $150MILLION to the Duke & Duchess of “Suck-up” and she plans a fawning documentary on the Marxist founder of BLM. There’s occult connections as well
— 01:13:58 America Journal of Psychiatry retracts a study supporting transgender hormone treatment & surgery. Here’s the truth
— 01:28:51 It’s now the Harris-Biden campaign as benighted Biden rambles again. But Harris’ surprise visit to a Florida restaurant has caused a backlash boycott by anti-communist Cubans & Venezuelans
— 01:38:35 Snowden goes on with Rogan. Here’s why I believe Ed Snowden is a “limited hangout” tool of the CIA

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