1/22/20: Trump impeachment starts, instantly a joke


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--On the Show:

--The Senate impeachment of Donald Trump begins and instantly turns farcical thanks to Republican obstruction of documents, witnesses, and simple common sense

--Donald Trump and the White House are desperate to prevent former National Security Adviser John Bolton from testifying and are rapidly coming up with strategies to block the testimony

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail leads to a conversation about the upcoming 800,000 YouTube subscriber goal

--Hillary Clinton claims that "nobody likes" Bernie Sanders in an upcoming documentary series called "Hillary," and this is exactly the type of behavior that only helps Donald Trump

--Caller wonders why Trump hired Alan Dershowitz to defend him in the impeachment trial

--Caller discusses a progressive takeover of the Democratic Party

--Caller talks about filing a civil suit against the Trump administration

--Caller asks if the automation crisis is as bad as Andrew Yang makes it out to be

--After Vice President Mike Pence claims that he doesn't know Rudy Giuliani's indicted henchman Lev Parnas, Parnas releases a video of him holding hands with Pence's wife, Karen Pence, alongside Mike Pence himself

--Joe Biden extends his lead nationally and retakes a lead in Iowa polling, showing that the Bernie/Warren conflict served its purpose of continuing to reinforce the establishment as we close in on the first votes being cast in the 2020 Democratic primary

--Furious Trumpist voicemail caller Jimmy from Philly calls in irate with so-called "soyboy sycophants"

--On the Bonus Show: Cop who urinated on girl gets 4.5 years in prison, China birth rate hits lowest in modern history, Tulsi Gabbard endorses legalizing drugs, much more...

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