18 Denim Encyclopedia Terms Every Denimheads Must Know


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Do you know what selvedge is? Rivets? Roping? If you're into raw denim, and you probably are since you're listening to this podcast, you've surely read or heard about terms like these. And chances are you already know what they mean. In this episode of the Denimhunters Podcast, Thomas discusses 18 common must-know terms from the denim vocabulary. This should be a good place to start if you're new to raw denim (and denim in general). But it's also relevant if you already consider yourself a denimhead but you're looking to brush up on your vocabulary. The episode is part of the series where we dive into the Denimhunters content archives and our Denim Encyclopedia to discuss some of the essential and most frequently debated topics of raw denim. You can learn more about the 18 terms (and many more) in the Denim Encyclopedia: https://denimhunters.com/denim-wiki/

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