3 Ways to Soak Your Raw Denim and Which You Should Choose


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In this episode of the Denimhunters Podcast, Thomas talks about a tough decision you need to make before you start wearing your new raw denim jeans; whether to soak them or not. You'll learn the three approaches you can take, and when you want to use each of them. And, of course, Thomas also talks about the scenario where you don’t soak the jeans. IMPORTANT: If you're signed up for the Indigo Invitational, remember that you must NOT soak or wash your jeans before you've submitted your 'raw proof' photos on October 1, 2020. Visit indigoinvitational.com to register and stay up-to-date! This is the episode last of season 1 of the Denimhunters Podcast. If you’ve listened to any of the previous episodes, you might have noticed that I've implemented a few changes. Let me know what you think of them; any feedback that helps me make you enjoy this podcast more is always welcome! ATTENTION FUTURE SPONSORS: For season 2, we will be taking on sponsors for the podcast. If you want to get into the heads of your target audience—quite literally—and have YOUR BRAND recommended by someone they know and trust, send us an inquiry at sponsor@denimhunters.com and we'll be in touch.

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