How a Virtual Get-Together Reunites Denim Lovers Globally (with Ben Woodhouse)


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On March 11, the Danish prime minister went on national TV to make an announcement that would change the daily lives of every person in Denmark. In the weeks before and after, similar announcements were made by leaders across the globe. We were in lockdown. A couple of months later, Alex aka @yorkshire_denimal on Instagram had organised a ‘hang’ in Sheffield to bring together like-minded denim lovers. He’d attended the hangs at Ben Woodhouse’s Clobber Calm store and was picking up the baton as Ben was focusing on other projects. When COVID-19 made Alex’ plans impossible, he got the idea to a global denim day to bring the community together. This gave Ben the idea to arrange a 24-hour virtual hang. Amanda Barnes had already joined the team when Ben asked for help in a post on Instagram. That’s when I got involved. The first Global Denim Hang took place on May 31, 2020. Fast forward three months to this week and the second Global Denim Hang is about to happen. Continuing to support this unifying and fun initiative the best I can, I invited Ben on the podcast to give an update on how the second hang will be an improvement over the first and generally just what to expect. The second hang is scheduled for September 12, starting at noon UK time, with 24 consecutive 1-hour sessions. And the line-up is pretty spectacular! Check out the full programme on the GDH Instagram. Taking part of this hang will be (a lot) easier compared to the first one. You can still join via Zoom and interact, but you can also watch it on the official YouTube channel or on the Global Denim Hang website. No need to log in our anything. And don’t forget the auctions for charity that the team is organising alongside it. All money goes straight to Save the Children's global division.

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