How Naked & Famous Made It by Having Fun with Raw Denim (with Bahzad Trinos)


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Naked & Famous is clearly a raw denim brand. But, at the same time, it’s different from any other raw denim brand. They were part of the raw denim wave that hit the US and Europe in the late-00s. And they’ve been disruptors since day one, doing things their own way. With a combination of great fits, minimalistic detailing, and a price point that doesn’t scare first-time buyers, it’s easy to see why Naked & Famous has been the gateway drug for many raw denim enthusiasts. The recipe for their success? You take an extensive range of Japanese raw denim (some of which are outright gimmicks). Cut and sewn that into jeans in Canada. Add some fun branding. Launch it at the perfect time. Sell it at a price most people can afford. And continue to run and market your brand with the same personal and direct touch, even when you grow big. That and a lot more. On this episode of the Denimhunters Podcast, Thomas talks to Bahzad Trinos, who’s employee no. 1 at Naked & Famous, about his story and the story of the brand. We talk about how Brando Svarc founded the brand in 2008, and his family’s background in the clothing business. We talk about how Bahzad got involved in the company when he was working in retail. How they were able to sell their jeans at a very attractive price point when they first launched. And a lot more.

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