5 Asia/China Focused Hedge Funds, 1 Podcast!


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We recently wrapped up our virtual conference: “Capitalizing on China’s Growth: Opening the Door for Investors and Managers” where we had some great one-on-one interviews with hedge fund managers operating in Asia and live in mainland China markets, including futures. We pulled the best nuggets from each individual manager and mashed them into the ultimate pod on different strategy nuances across AI models, fixed income trading, stock picking A Shares, systematic trading of China futures markets, and more. Hear from the pros with boots on the ground in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the rest of Asia – as they unpack tips and tricks for these unique markets.

Podcast Chapters:

2:37: Stephan Zhou – Partner, Shanghai Mingshi Investment Management
18:21: Desmond How – Head of Fixed Income, GaoTeng
48:15: Michelle Leung – Chief Executive Officer, Xingtai
1:11:02: Alison Zhao – Head of Business Development, AP Capital Management
1:29:07: Brent Belote – CEO & Portfolio Manager, Cayler Capital

& if the mashup wasn’t enough, you can listen to the whole interview with each manager here:

Mingshi Investment Mangement
AP Capital Mangement
JinZhiShang Strategy 21 (Cayler Capital)

If you’re an accredited investor and you’re interested in having a one-on-one or group session Q&A with one of the managers below, register for OPIM Connect: Cap Intro Event. Register here.

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