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In a Very Special Bonus Episode...
Welcome back

Got a brand new track

It’s your boy Evan T

Better get up and clap

I’m a middle aged man

Retirement plan

Got me workin like a jerk

Cause life’s a pimp hand

Got that savoir faire

Salt and pepper hair

Kickin dope rhymes

In my favorite chair

Yo the future looks bright

When I walk into the light

Reaper got me creepin

Like a panther in the night

Now my bucket list

Is a fuck it list

Fist full of pills

Cause my symptoms persist

I got pain in my lumbar six

Mind always playin tricks

Shed skin from psoriasis

Wake up in the night to piss

Time can eat a bag full of dicks

Makin hay while the sun shines

Gray fifty shades but aged like fine wine

I’ll be keepin it real

Until the last line

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