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In a Very Special Bonus Episode...
My mind is a gold mine
My clock set to go time
Hyperboles over these beats
I got dope rhymes
I try to be prolific
A gift to the gifted
Words so absurd
Your world gets flipded
I live that nerd life
Balance that work life
Droppin shit from on high while I fly
Cause I’m bird-like
Play by my own rules
But live by a code
Writing software. Writing rhymes
Every line so bold
Execution like a textbook
Mouth like a check book
Verses hard as cash
Unexpected like a left hook
Word to the word play
Nerd is my surname
Respect to the glasses
Yes sir, I got nerd game
Rhythm like an algorithm
Code so clean
Hack into the system
The world is my machine
Rockin this shit like the matrix, son!
Break through the fakeness
Evan T is The One

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