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We talk influential blogger and international SEO speaker Cindy Krum from Mobile Moxie about her perspective on how Google is taking steps to better organise and understand the world's information. Discover Cindy's concept of SEO Fraggles and how you can utilise them to show up in Google's search results pages using a variety of different content types. If you are wanting to develop a sharper sense of how Google search is working with and indexing with a wide variety different content types in 2020, spending time listening to what Cindy teaches in this episode will greatly help. Learn how you can structure your content to make it easier for Google to recognise the `useful Fragments "within it so they surface more prominently in Google's Search results We also explore a whole suite of useful mobile SEO tools and App store Optimisation tools that Mobile Moxie offer. Cranberries Update: No, this isn't a Google Algorithm update that you somehow missed. There was, as it turns out, a drummer for The Cranberries. His name was and you can find out more about him here, but facts aside- Cindy's example still works to illustrate her point if you substitute The Cranberries for any of these bands without drummers. See Useful Links Mobile Moxie Google My Business Fraggles in SEO Fraggles In SEO Video Webinar recording Wayback Machine

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