Episode 16: Housekeeping in Heldren


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It's time to say goodbye...for now?

There is a lot happening in the United States right now. We are in the middle of a health, economic, and most importantly civil crisis. It is extremely important that we are taking care of ourselves and each other and doing what we can to move towards progress.

We challenge you to seek out a podcast that has people of color involved and listen to the content they’re producing. It is incredibly important right now that we are listening to the stories and voices of members of our community.

There is an amazing online resource at www.rpgcasts.com that allows you to search through the many ttrpg podcasts out there and sort through them and search for games featuring varied casts and crews. Might I suggest the BIMPOC category? There, you can find podcasts featuring casts of black, indigenous, mixed, and people of color.

We are an actual-play of Paizo's Pathfinder Reign of Winter adventure path, with new episodes every other Wednesday.

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